Entering the throne room (Thessalonians 5:16-18)

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Imagine you have been called into the Oval Office, the private chamber of a Supreme Court Justice, or office of some other person of great power. What might your thoughts and emotions be? Someone so powerful, so revered, perhaps someone you greatly respect asked you for a meeting. You likely would prepare for days for that meeting. Nothing like this has ever happened to you. You are about to shake hands with someone who has more power in uttering a sentence than you have in ten thousand words. Yet, this person has chosen to meet with you.

Such a meeting suggests that you have something to offer this person – advice, a perspective, representation from some group. Something you possess made this person make time in their very demanding and busy schedule for you.

I am getting at the privilege of prayer. Whenever we go before God in prayer, we come before the One who made heaven and earth. Not a star in space or a molecule on earth would exist without him uttering, “Let there be…” And he has swung open his office door wide and given you an invitation to come in any time.

However, this invitation should amaze you even more. Unlike the President, Supreme Court Justice, or any other highly influential person, you have done nothing to warrant this invitation. You hold no influence, no unique perspective, no counsel making you worthy of entering in. Rather, the opposite is true. You have sinned gravely against this person. You rebelled against his ways. You have thought to little of him. You are more worthy of being cast out of his presence than welcomed in. Yet, he has provided a way. He sent his Son to be your advocate, to prepare the way. He did this so that his throne room door would forever be open to you, and his ear attentive to every word, wish, or desire you might want to talk to him about. Such is the privilege of prayer.

There are few things commanded more in the Bible than the command to pray (for example, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Our glorious Father in heaven can be compared to the parent who sent their child off to school. As they part, the parent places his or her hand on the child’s shoulder, looks them straight in the eye, and says, “Son – or daughter – don’t forget to call home often.”

God has beckoned his children to go before him in prayer. How often do you seek the loving Almighty in prayer?

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