God ensures the gospel goes out (Acts 5:22-26)

Acts 5:22-26

God sovereignly ensures that the gospel of his Son always goes out into the world. Throughout church history the number of the faithful may wax and wane; nevertheless, a faithful remnant always remains to tell the world the good news of Christ.

Elijah doubted this truth when he fled from Jezebel. “I, even I only, am left, and they seek my life, to take it away,” he said (1 Kings 19:10, 14). He did not know the Lord had kept seven thousand who had not bowed to Baal (1 King 19:18).

The Lord did something similar to ensure the apostles fulfilled their apostolic role. All of them had been arrested by the Jewish leaders. Yet, when the officer came to fetch them from the prison, they were nowhere to be found. The prison was locked, the guards stationed, but their cell was mysteriously empty. Instead, they were found standing in the Temple teaching the people about Jesus. (Acts 5:22-26)

The same types of things happen today. In 2009, gorilla soldiers of The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia stepped out of their vehicle and made their way to the home of Pastor Manuel Camacho. Manuel had been ministering in the area for some time. That day, he was not afraid. He had witnessed many soldiers come to Christ. However, this time one of the soldiers walked past him, entered his home, and sat next to his wife, Gloria, and their children, while the others harassed him.

After six gunshots rang out, Gloria knew what happened. When the soldiers left, she ran to her husband’s dead body. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she knelt by his side and then, with the help of her children, dragged his body under a shade tree.

People gathered to see what happened. Gloria, seeing the people, ran into the house, grabbed her Bible, ran back out, and began reading from the Gospel of John. She told the people: “This is what my husband believed… He didn’t do anything wrong, but he was willing to give his life for what he believed. Satan did not win the battle here today; God did.”

As Gloria spoke, her ten-year-old son came to her side and said, “Mom, don’t worry. Dad died for Christ and now he is with Christ. When I grow up, I’m going to be a pastor like my dad.”

The Camacho family continues to minister to the people of Columbia today. Satan did not win; God ensures his gospel goes out.

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