“Peace be on this house” (Luke 10:1-16)

Luke 10:1-16

Jesus came into this world with angels declaring, “Peace on earth on those whom his favor rest (Luke 2:14).” He sent out his disciples, telling them to say, “Peace to this house (Luke 10:5).”

Jesus came to bring peace. He came to reconcile men and women to God. When Jesus died on the cross, his sacrifice appeased God’s righteous wrath against humankind. He took on himself what was justly ours to receive. Following our distorted desires, we made a mess of God’s world. He came to make peace by giving us peace.  

Peace with God leads to peace with others. We live in a time of unrest. The problem is not so few want peace. Many do. Rather, the problem is we are unable, because of our sinful pride, to secure peace on our own. Reconciliation with God ought naturally lead to peace with others.

Jesus warned his disciples that not all would accept this peace. Some would. Others would not. (Luke 10:6-12) There will never be peace in this world, unless we first make peace with our Maker. Efforts for peace outside of the design of the Maker are destined to fail.

If you play an out of tune instrument in a band, the sound you make will be unharmonious. Turn to your neighbor and tune to his out of tune instrument, and maybe the two of you will sound good together but not with the rest of the  band. You need a central tuning pitch. God is that pitch.

Everything called evangelical is not evangelical, in the biblical sense. Sadly, too many Americans who profess faith in Jesus today have been fed a cheap grace. They mix their Christianity with nationalism or pop-psychology and are told all will be well.

Peace comes not from self-aggrandizement or demanding your rights. Peace comes from true repentance, going before God, beating your chest, and saying I am a sinner, I am part of the problem. Such repentance replaces pride and arrogance with peace and humility.

Will you accept the peace only God can offer through his Son, Jesus Christ? Will you turn from the piper of the world and tune your life to the Savior of the world, the Prince of Peace? The more who do, the more peaceful the world will be. Failure to accept this gift of peace pours your own burning coals on your own head (Luke 10:13-16).

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