Racism and Our Distorted Image (Psalm 17:15)

Submitted by Andy McIlvain

Psalm 17:15

Racism is as old as mankind. It is a sin and an attitude that finds its roots in our pride. We as Christians should be offended by it at the least and do whatever we can within our sphere of influence to keep it from happening.

Like all sins it can find its expression in how we treat each other and people that are different from us in whatever way. Racial hatred like many sins becomes evil when people treat people badly and even kill others. We have seen its expression here in America far too long.

God has said that our hearts are wicked and depraved. He knows us and what our sin natures are capable of. He allows us the free will to sin and do evil, and God’s providence, mercy and grace then must work through you and I as his co-regents to help heal and mitigate our bad decisions. The image we were first made in, in the Garden of Eden, had great potential. As an Image bearer we reflect God and his character. Even now, indwelt and filled by the Holy Spirit, we are capable of remarkably selfless acts of empathy and compassion. We are servants, and we become more so when we learn over time how to surrender all of our lives to God.

We have an image distorted by sin and moral depravity. Most of us, including Christians, are intoxicated with life. We have ignored what is enormously important and traded it in for a fantasy of self-promotion and earthly material goods. Leo Tolstoy once said, “For a time it is possible to live intoxicated with life, but as soon as one is sober, it is impossible not to see that life in the face of death is a fraud, and a stupid fraud.” Tolstoy realized that all his life’s achievements, fame, and fortune amounted to absolutely nothing when he would eventually die.

So, have you sobered up? What is of eternal value is not your career, or your hobbies or even your family. When we keep Christ firmly at our center, all else in life gains its proper perspective. So now as the world seems upside down and in chaos what do we do? First, we must pray daily and in earnest. We must read scripture (God speaking to us) and repent of our sins and seek a relationship with God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Then we seek people and places in our community or nation that we can serve, no matter their race or skin color. “As for me, I will see your face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I awake in your likeness” (Psalm 17:15)

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