Keep Letting the Light In (John 3:19)

John 3:19

A man might spend his whole life drinking, smoking, and eating poorly. He knows these things are killing him and that he will most likely die prematurely unless he stops. However, he loves the booze. He loves the way it numbs the pain. He loves smoking. It calms him, and he cannot imagine coping without it. He loves the fatty food. Why eat such bland food, when tastebud tantalizing food awaits? So, although he knows he will die sooner, he keeps living this way. All the while, he has no clue what life could be without his senses dulled, a wheeze in his lungs, and all that cholesterol blocking his arteries. And, though he says, “I could never live that way,” he is robbing himself of experiencing a more enjoyable life.

What can be said of some people’s way of life could be said of some people’s spiritual condition.

The gospel writer John said, “And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil (John 3:19).”

Jesus’ love refuses to let us go without the strongest fight, so how could anyone refuse him? Jesus loved us at the greatest cost, so how could anyone reject him? The greatest obstacle to responding positively to God’s love for us in his Son (John 3:16) exists not in the realm of intellect, rationality, or reason. Many simply prefer darkness to light. They prefer living outside of God’s life-giving illuminating light than to come into it. They fear what might be revealed if they did, and they rather not face it.

God will not force his love on anyone. He is not an abusive lover. If we prefer the darkness to his offer of light, he will let us remain in darkness. One of the most frequently used metaphors for hell in the Bible is darkness. It refers to being outside of God’s life-giving light. For those who habitually refuse his light, he will eventually give them the enduring darkness they prefer.

Some do, however, come into the light. They come to the light truthfully and honestly. They want their rebellion exposed, so that the light of Christ can inch by inch drive out the darkness.
If you have received the light of Christ, keep letting the light in. Keep coming to him honestly. Let him show you those areas of your life still needing Christ’s illuminating light.

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