A Bible Overview


Submitted by Andy McIlvain. 

The Old Testament:

Genesis (Creation, the Fall, Noah, Babel, God’s covenants, Abraham & Patriarchs)• Exodus (Israel’s liberation/ formation as a nation, 10 Commandments, The Tabernacle)
Leviticus (Priestly sacrificial system, purity laws, Atonement, moral laws, Holiness code)
Numbers (Census, wandering for 40 years )
• Deuteronomy (Pentateuch completed, Laws repeated, Moses dies, Promised Land is at Hand, 12 tribes formed)
• Joshua (Military conquest of the Promised Land)
• Judges (Tribe to monarchy, 12 times Israel is disciplined for their sin)
• Ruth (The Sovereignty of God, personal redemption story)
• 1 Samuel (Prophet Samuel, King Saul and David, United Kingdom)
• 2 Samuel (King David’s reign)
• 1 Kings (Solomon and the kingdom divided)
• 2 Kings (The fall of Israel)
1st & 2nd Chronicles (History people of God, Covenant with God by Law of Moses.)
Ezra (Israelites’ return from exile)
Nehemiah (Restoration of Jerusalem)
Esther (Gods providence in everyday life)
Job (Problem of Evil & Suffering)
Psalms and Proverbs (Wisdom/Moral Truth)
Ecclesiastes (Wisdom/the meaning of Life)
Song of Solomon (Sex, love & marriage or allegory )
Isaiah (Judgement & Comfort for Israel, coming of Servant of God)
Jeremiah (Prophet warns of Babylonian captivity)
Lamentations (Fall of Jerusalem lamented, Gods faithfulness)
Ezekiel (Foretells destruction of Temple, judgement, Gods hope for his people.)
Daniel (Stories & visions, God will prevail over violent world)
Amos (Injustice of Northern Kingdom)
Hosea (A picture of God’s relationship with Israel)
Joel (God judges Israel)
Amos (Shepherd Amos/Injustice of Northern Kingdom)
Obadiah (Warns neighboring Edom they will be judged)
Jonah (The runaway Prophet)
Micah (Israel/Judah’s injustice & the coming of the Lord)
Nahum (Foretells God’s judgement on Nineveh)
Habakkuk (Prayers to stop Injustice in Judah/God uses Babylon)
Zephaniah (God warns judgement/the restoration)
Haggai (Temple restoration abandoned, Haggai admonishes)
Zechariah (Calls for a return to God, prophetic visions)
Malachi (Israel still unfaithful, Malachi warns of discipline)

The New Testament:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (Life of Jesus, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension & Exaltation)
Acts (Early church/day of Pentecost/Paul’s trials)
Romans (Paul’s theology/defines the Gospel)
1 & 2 Corinthians (Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth)
Galatians (Letter to Galatian churches, false teachers disputed)
Ephesians (Paul’s letter to Ephesus, Mystery of God and the Church)
Philippians (Letter to churches at Philippi about joy in Christ)
Colossians (Paul responds to heretical teachings, affirms Christ is the image of Living God)
1 & 2 Thessalonians (Paul’s letter addresses 2nd coming, discusses death of loved ones)
1 & 2 Timothy (Paul tells Timothy how to lead church)
Titus (Paul tells Titus how to lead churches on Crete)
Philemon (Paul strongly recommends Philemon accept his runaway slave as a brother, not a slave)
Hebrews (Letter states cling to Christ despite persecution)
James (Letter about faith in action)
1 & 2 Peter (Persecuted Christians/truth of Jesus/false teachers)
1, 2, & 3 John (Truth, love obedience, fellowship)
Jude (Contentment in faith)
Revelation (John’s visions of things that have been, things that are, and things that are yet to come)

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