Talk of the Devil (Matthew 6:13), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 9

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An eighteen-year-old Dutch student planned a trip to Sydney, Australia. Delighted to find a plane ticket online that was cheaper than all the rest, he booked his flight. He arrived at the airport, boarded his plane, and all seemed well. But then he saw his connecting flight, a small Air Canada plane coming out of Toronto. He wondered if the plane could make it to Australia. The plane landed unexpectedly too soon. When he disembarked, he found himself in near blizzard conditions, with nothing but a light jacket on. This was not the warm Australian air expected. Apparently, he booked a flight to Sydney, Canada! Continue reading

Forgiving Debt (Matthew 6:12), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 8

In 2005, Jameel McGee was arrest for dealing drugs by Officer Andrew Collins. McGee insisted he was innocent, but was convicted and sentenced to several years in prison. Four years later, it was discovered that Officer Collins had falsified several police reports, including McGee’s. McGee was exonerated. Yet, nothing could give him back those years in prison. McGee told himself he would hurt Collins, when he got his chance. And that chance came five years later. Both Officer Collins and McGee found themselves working at the same café. If faced with the person who stole four precious years of your life, what would you do?

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Daily Bread (Matthew 6:11), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 7

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The past two posts we have looked at those petitions in the Lord’s Prayer that have to do with the things of God: “May your name be made holy. May your kingdom come. May your will be done.” The Lord’s Prayer now attends to personal matters. Continue reading

Your Kingdom Come (Matthew 6:10), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 6

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In a first-world culture, such as ours, it may be difficult to produce the type of longing that “Thy kingdom come” elicits. We live in relative comfort and know little of the type of suffering experienced in third-world cultures. Yet, even Continue reading

Hallowed (Matthew 6:9), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 5

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“The Lord’s Prayer” or “Our Father” is one of the best known and most often recited portions of Scripture (Matthew 6:9-13). The words of this prayer have united Christians throughout history and across denominational lines. Over the next several weeks this devotional blog will reflect on the significance of these words. Continue reading

What Do You See in the Face of Your Enemy (Matthew 5:43-48), Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 4

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What do you see in the face of your enemy? An object of revenge or justified wrath? Or, an object of love and altruistic prayer?

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Why Truth Matters (Matthew 5:33-37) – Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 3

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The religious leaders of Jesus’ day developed a complex system of oath making and keeping. Oaths were categorized. Whether a spoken oath was binding or not, or whether a broken oath was punishable or not, all depended upon the type of oath made. Continue reading

The Blessed Life is Not the Easy Life (Matt. 5:1-12) – Sermon on the Mount Series, Part 1

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The heroes of our time rarely accomplished the great things they are known for easily. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa; these were people who faced abounding adversity, yet remained resolute. Those who confess Christ and seek to demonstrate to the world the life he calls us to will not find convenience and coziness in this world.

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